Status Value Defaults

The Status Field identifies a degree of readiness/completion for a Note.

Status values are usually selected from a standard list. Note that each status may be represented by a single digit and/or an associated label. The digits serve to place the values into an approximate life cycle sequence.

The Status field normally has the following values. These can be interpreted in various ways, to fit the needs of a particular Collection.

0 - Idea
1 - Proposed
2 - Approved
3 - Planned
4 - In Work
5 - Held
6 - Completed
7 - Follow-up
8 - Canceled
9 - Closed

Note that a status value of 6 or higher will often be marked with an ‘X’ in a list, and will appear lower in the list than items with status values in the range of 0 - 5.

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