The intent of the Notenik project is to develop concepts, specifications and software to explore the possibilities around a few simple notions:

  1. Despite the proliferation of images, videos and audio in our world today, text is by far the most practical way to communicate and record useful ideas and information.

  2. Brevity has value, especially in our age of information overload.

  3. A chunk of text can be easily thought of as a Note.

  4. A group of related Notes can be easily thought of as a Collection.

  5. The usefulness of a Note can be readily extended by making a few common sorts of fields available as options that can be easily added to the basic text.

  6. A Note should be stored in such a way that it can be readily used and reused in as many different ways as possible.

  7. In particular, it should be easy to convert a Note into HTML, and to convert a Collection of Notes into a website.

  8. A Note is personal: a Note can be shared, but its primary purpose is to embed some meaning for its author.

  9. Note-making should not be overly constrained by the ideas of an information architect or a software developer about what makes for a good or complete Note.

  10. A Note is too important and useful a thing to be trapped within a single platform, device, operating system, application, database or online service. For maximum utility and durability, Notes should be able to travel easily between different platforms and environments.

If you find that these intentions resonate with you, then continue on to learn more about the Notenik project.