For People Who Like Text

Guiding Principle

  • “Simple things should be simple; complex things should be possible.”

    – Alan Kay, pioneering computer scientist

Start Out Simply

  • Download and install straight from the Mac App Store.
  • No up-front purchase, no in-app purchase, no subscription, no advertising, no registration, no interest in your personal data.
  • Create a New Collection of Notes in iCloud and give it a name.
  • Enter as many Notes as you would like.
  • Use Tags to group your Notes by topic.
  • Add an optional Link to a Note to provide a reference to a location on the Web.

Expand a Bit

  • Create multiple Collections for different types of Notes, or Notes about different sorts of things.
  • Vary the fields used for different sorts of Collections, choosing additional fields from the standard set: for example, add a Date, a Status and a Recurs rule for a “To Do” list.
  • Use Markdown to format the body of each Note.
  • Use a preferred text editor as an alternate means of editing a Note.
  • Use different sort sequences for each Collection.
  • Store your Collections wherever you would like.

Explore Advanced Options

  • Use wiki-style inter-note links to create a personal knowledge repository (zettelkasten-style).
  • Add additional custom fields, giving them whatever names you like.
  • Use the Notenik Scripting module to sort and filter Notes to make different sorts of lists.
  • Use the Notenik Templating module to create Web pages and sites from your Notes, or any other sort of text output you might find useful.

For Further Info

  • See the Introduction available from the Help menu after downloading and launching the app.
  • Consult the User Guide to expand your knowledge: either on the website, or by selecting this option from the Help menu within the app.
  • Browse the list of Articles available on the website to further explore particular topics of interest.
  • See the Scripting Spec and the Template Spec for complete reference info on these two topics.


Questions? Comments? Improvement suggestions? Feel free to drop me a line.