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Recent Updates to Notenik - March, 2020

Published 25 Mar 2020

There have been a few version releases since I last wrote about recent changes in the blog back in December, so let me hit on some of the more significant recent developments.

  • The most recent release, 3.2.0, added a new internal Markdown parser as a third alternative, in addition to Down and Ink. It's probably not quite perfect, but I tried to stick as close as possible to John Gruber's documentation of the functionality intended for both Markdown and SmartyPants, and it seems to be working pretty well for me. The main improvement here is better handling of wiki-style inter-note links. These are now only available when using the internal parser, but no longer require you to specifically request this feature: it's just built in to the new parser. See the Application Preferences to select the new parser.
  • Added the ability to mirror a Collection of Notes to an alternate format – most usefully, HTML. This new ability makes it super easy to generate a simple website that anyone can access with a Web browser. Once you set this up, the HTML mirror copies are automatically kept up-to-date for you in the background, as you go about working on the text files within Notenik. See the new Transform menu for commands to help you set this up.
  • The Edit view is now scrollable, in case the number of fields in a Collection is too large to fit in the available space for the window.
  • The Collection Preferences window was redesigned to make it more usable.
  • Notenik is now available in the App Store for users still on High Sierra.
  • Made a few usability improvements, including the addition of the day of week name next to the date on a Note's display view, and the addition of the letter ‘T’ in the leftmost column in the List view to indicate Notes with dates of today.
  • A number of bugs have been fixed.
  • Restructured the User Guide to make it easer to use.

As usual, see the Notenik Version History and the relevant sections of the User Guide for further details. And drop me a line at if any problems or questions.

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