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New Info on Fields and Labels

Published 03 Feb 2021

There's quite a lot of Notenik news to talk about.

First of all, there's a new version, 5.5.0, that's just been released. As always, you can find the latest release in the Mac App Store.

There are one or two new convenience features in this release, but the bulk of the changes are going on behind the scenes.

In particular, the Notenik internals have been properly sorted to allow for pretty much any of the usual fields to be renamed.

So, if for one of your Collections, it would make more sense if the Title field were called the Name field, let's say, you can now make that happen by editing the template file for that Collection, changing Title to Name, and then adding : <title> after the label at the top of the template file, to tell Notenik to treat it as a title field, even though it's now called Name.

All of this needs a lot more space for a complete explanation. Rather than making the User Guide even longer by tucking all the details in there, I've added an Articles section to the website, where you can now find a new article completely addressing the issue of Field Labels and Types.

If none of this sounds of interest to you, then of course you can just continue on using Notenik the way you've been using it, without any concerns.

As always, if you do see anything about the app that you think needs a change, just drop me a line.

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