For People Who Like Text

Guiding Principle

  • “Simple things should be simple; complex things should be possible.”

    – Alan Kay, pioneering computer scientist

Start Out Simply

  • Download and install straight from the Mac App Store.
  • No up-front purchase, no in-app purchase, no subscription, no advertising, no registration, no interest in your personal data.
  • Create a New Collection of Notes in iCloud and give it a name.
  • Enter as many Notes as you would like.
  • Use Tags to group your Notes by topic.
  • Add an optional Link to a Note to provide a reference to a location on the Web.

Expand a Bit

  • Create multiple Collections for different types of Notes, or Notes about different sorts of things.
  • Vary the fields used for different sorts of Collections, choosing additional fields from the standard set: for example, add a Date, a Status and a Recurs rule for a “To Do” list.
  • Use Markdown to format the body of each Note.
  • Use a preferred text editor as an alternate means of editing a Note.
  • Use different sort sequences for each Collection.
  • Store your Collections wherever you would like.

Explore Advanced Options

  • Use wiki-style inter-note links to create a personal knowledge repository (zettelkasten-style).
  • Add additional custom fields, giving them whatever names you like.
  • Use the Notenik Scripting module to sort and filter Notes to make different sorts of lists.
  • Use the Notenik Templating module to create Web pages and sites from your Notes, or any other sort of text output you might find useful.

For Further Info

See the Notenik Knowledge Base available from the Help menu after downloading and launching the app.


Questions? Comments? Improvement suggestions? Feel free to drop me a line.