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I'm Herb Bowie, and I'm the developer for Notenik.

I'm also the owner of the domain name, and have “PowerSurge Publishing” registered in the US state of Washington as a Trade Name (sometimes known as a “DBA”, for “Doing Business As”).

In the past I operated as its own website, where you could find a number of desktop apps I'd written in Java over a period of years, including the following:

  • Club Planner
  • HeadOut
  • iWisdom
  • Link Tweaker
  • Notenik (a version written in Java)
  • PSExplorer
  • PSRenamer
  • PSTextMerge
  • Tunes Checker
  • Two Due
  • URL Union

In 2019 I switched from Java to Swift as my primary programming language. If you're interested in my thinking about this, you can read more about my decision in my blog post, “All Swift, All the Time.”

The functionality of many of the Java programs listed above has been folded into the new Notenik, now written in Swift, and described in detail on this site,

At this point I am no longer maintaining any of the Java apps listed above, and am no longer maintaining as its own website.